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A Private Dining Experience from the Kerala Coast 

Herbs and Spices

Sadhya Feast

$500 per head

Grand feast to dine to your heart's content on up to 15 dishes


Seasonal Menu

$450 per head

5 course meal with seasonal flavours and a featured cocktail


Palaharam Platter

$250 per head

A variety of delectable home made nibbles and cocktails /chai

Natural Herbs


A Glimpse of our ongoing Summer Menu

Kozhkatta Chutney
Steamed rice-flour dumplings with cumin, served with green chilli and coconut chutney

Thayre Vada
Lentil Donuts smothered in a tempered yoghurt sauce

Puttu m Kadala
Rice-flour and coconut crumble served with Black chickpea gravy

Thayre m Chor
Yoghurt rice tempered with mustard seeds, pomegranate and yoghurt-infused sun-dried chilli, served with a dry roasted spice blend

Chakka Thenga
Fresh jackfruit served Kerala style with coconut slices
[a hands - on experience!]

Signature cocktail
Gin with fresh coconut water and burnt lime

Family Dinner

-Olivia Isabelle

Absolutely loved it.
Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Cozy vibe and delicious food. Will come back soon!

-Himasha Sidhpura

So so tasty! had to take a couple jars of injipulli home. Yum!

-Lydia Ozug

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Something new for sure.

-Moe Elbeltagi

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At Your Service

Tell me a little bit about your event and we can get creative!

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