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At Kodhi Kitchen, you can expect a sensory adventure through Kerala. Anticipate an interactive and immersive dining experience where guests will be invited to participate in some of the fun aspects. You can dine like a Keralite; sat comfortably at floor level, from a banana leaf, using your hands. 

The Experience

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Food is life. According to Ayurveda, eating with our hands encourages us to become more aware of the textures, tastes and aromas of the food by engaging the nerve endings of the fingertips. Resulting in a multi-sensory, intentional approach to life and food.

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My family comes from a small village called Pallavur in Kerala, India. Home of the black pepper. My great-grandparents migrated from Kerala many decades ago, my parents left India in the 80's and I myself have lived in various places. Yet, everywhere I go, I stay connected to my heritage and I channel my culture through food.

'Kodhi' means 'craving' in Malayalam, so allow me to share my home food cravings with you in my Private Kitchen!

Meet The Chef

Meet the Chef
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